For Visitors

Festival Lughnasad will take place at the Open-Air Museum of Země Keltů (Celtic Land) in Nasavrky (Chrudim District).

Festival Area:

Address: Nasavrky 409, 538 25 Nasavrky
49°50’5.855″N, 15°48’0.131″E
Main Parking: 49.8389283N, 15.8043975E


Parking is free for all visitors.

For Visitors: A large parking lot about 400 meters from the entrance to the festival area is designated for visitors.

The path from the parking lot to the festival area is marked.

Exact coordinates of the parking entrance: 49.8389283N, 15.8043975E

You can also find the location by clicking on the map: or Google Maps.

For VIP Ticket Holders, Vendors, and Organizers: A smaller parking lot located approximately 200 meters from the entrance to the area, adjoining the southern side of the open-air museum, is reserved for VIP ticket holders, vendors, and organizers.

For Disabled Visitors: Parking spaces are allocated about 50 meters from the entrance to the area. If wheelchair users notify via email at in advance, they can use the VIP parking located right next to the area. In case of need, contact any organizer in a red t-shirt for assistance.

During the festival, Lesní Street will be closed to traffic (exceptions for visitors with permission from the organizer – ZTP, performers, vendors, VIP ticket holders).

!!! Please note that parking lots are not monitored by the organizer. The organizer is not responsible for any loss of valuables. You can store your belongings in the lockers at the festival area (more info under the heading Lockers).


The camping area is located in the meadow west of the festival area, about 100 meters from the entrance to the area. Camping is free and available to all visitors. You can start camping from Thursday, July 25, 2024.

Please follow the festival rules:

– No car access to the camping area.

– No fires allowed.

– The camping area must be vacated by Sunday.

– Mobile toilets and clean water will be available. Showers are not provided, but you can refresh yourself in the nearby pond in Nasavrky (please keep the pond area clean).

Please note that tents are not monitored by the organizer, so do not leave any valuables in the tent. We offer continuously monitored lockers right at the entrance to the festival area. The organizer is not responsible for tents, your belongings, or loss of valuables.

No Fires

Fires are prohibited throughout the open-air museum and the camping area. Fires are only allowed as part of the festival program and created by the organizers. There is a strict no-smoking policy in the Celtic village within the festival area.


We strive to make the event accessible for wheelchair users. The festival has two parts: the area in front of the oppidum walls has a paved surface suitable for any wheelchair, while the historical part (behind the oppidum walls) is located on a meadow, making it a soft surface for wheelchair access.

The access road, parking lot, and the entire area in front of the stage and vendor stalls are on a paved surface and suitable for wheelchair users. There are also accessible toilets in the area.

If you notify us via email in advance at, you can use the parking lot for disabled visitors located right next to the area (please note the parking lot is not monitored by the organizer). In case of need, contact any organizer for assistance.

Dogs at the Festival

One of the most common questions concerns the entry of pets to the festival. The answer is yes – dogs are allowed in the area. However, it is important to ensure safety and keep your dog on a leash at all times. Owners of larger or more aggressive breeds are advised to use a muzzle.

Please consider whether your dog can handle the potentially stressful situations with many visitors. Thank you for cleaning up after your dogs and not creating extra work for the organizers.


There is a Česká spořitelna ATM in the Nasavrky square. Card payments will only be possible at the merchandise stand and at the pub “U Dubového Kelta.” Vendors and artisans at the festival do not accept cards – please withdraw cash in advance.


To ensure the safety of your belongings, lockable lockers are available for a fee. The lockers are continuously monitored.

The price for a locker is: 200 CZK per day, 250 CZK for 2 days – plus a 100 CZK refundable deposit.

To Conclude:

Please do not leave valuables in cars or tents; the organizer is not responsible for any loss of belongings. Thank you for your understanding.