26. – 27. 7. 2024
18th year
Země Keltů, Nasavrky

Step through the gateway to the world of the inhabitants of ancient Europe. Get to know their dwellings, ancient crafts and weapons. Go on a journey through history through lectures not only in the field of archaeology. However, it wouldn’t be a celebration without music, dancing and singing. Take part in Irish and Breton dance lessons and enjoy Celtic folk tunes during evening concerts by Czech and foreign bands. A rich program will be prepared for children in the oppido with many activities, a reading of a Celtic fairy tale and a theater performance. The village of the archeoskanzen comes to life thanks to reenactors, i.e. those who reconstruct life, crafts, art, but also fighting skills. You can thus admire the fine checkered belts, bronze casting, production from wood, bone, svart, amber, the hard work of blacksmiths or taste the specialties of ancient Celtic and Roman cuisine.

Markets will be held in front of the ramparts of the Celtic oppida, where you will find Czech artisans with their original products, as well as good food and drink. And there will be Celtic mead.

The International Festival of Celtic Culture will celebrate its 18th year this year. After the trilogy of war stories of Chief Biatec, this year we will be transported to the far corners of Europe, where the destinies of Celtic heroes and heroines, kings and queens were written.

Don’t hesitate to join us in celebrating Celtic culture and especially the harvest and harvest festival! Buy your ticket here.

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