Practical information


Nasavrky (app 15 km from Chrudim), Czech Republic

Lughnasad festival takes place in Nasavrky every year. This picturesque town with long Celtic history is located in Chrudim destrict close to Železné hory. Recently, the remnants of the first Celtic settlements – oppidum - have been found in nearby Hradiště. Therefore, Nasavrky is marvellous place for a Celtic festival.

The festival is held in Nasavrky square, especially near the castle, its garden and courtyard. Other events of the festival occur in various places, for instance near the local cemetery called Kamenný kruh (i.e. Stone Circle) or typical Kaštanka (a special chestnut tree garden).

This year the festival will ensure bus service.


Contact person

Petra Saidlová



The area for tents is set in a quiet part of the grounds, ie on a meadow near the square. Washing services, drinking water and portable toilets will be installed in the vicinity of the tent city.


We are trying hard to produce the least communal waste and recycle as much as possible. Therefore, we are going to collect a deposit on plastic cups. How does it work? When you buy your first drink, you pay 5 extra crowns. Then, if you buy another drink and you hand it the old cup, the deposit will not be charged again. Please, understand that we are doing this to protect the environment which we all share.

Furthermore, you can find a number of recycle bins – plastic, paper, glass and other.

Dogs at the festival

A lot of you have asked us if you can take your beloved dog with you – and the answer is one big YES. The dogs are allowed to enter the festival. But it is important to maintain the safety and to keep the dog on the leash. It is advisable to use muzzles if you think that your dog might not interact well with other dogs.

Care and Safety

The Czech Red Cross and local Volunteer Fire Brigade will oversee the whole event.

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