About the festival

Organizer: Boii

Lughnasad Festival is held by a non-profit organization Boii. This organization was set up in 2002 in order to preserve and present the Celtic traditions to the public in Nasavrky and nearby.

Since its establishment the activities of the organization have increased, but the main objective is the same – we try to preserve cultural traditions on the local and nationwide level and development of volunteering and civil society.


The festival of Celtic culture in Nasavrky is an international event which seeks to preserve the Celtic traditions as a key culture of modern European heritage. The festival combines entertainment with learning and develops the values of volunteering and civil society.


It preserves and presents the Celtic culture to the public. The Celtic tradition is considered an important part of cultural heritage of our country.

  • It improves the cultural life in Pardubice region and it is the largest cultural event of this kind in the Czech Republic.
  • It develops international cooperation and initiates new partnerships of Pardubice region with the rest of Europe.
  • It supports the idea of volunteering and provides young people with a chance to develop themselves.
  • It links the professionals with amateurs, enthusiasts and fans of Celtic culture and history.
  • It offers and interesting and quality programme dedicated mainly to young people and families with children.

About Lughnasad

Lughnasad is one of the eight main Celtic holidays. Its symbol is to worship Mother Nature and thank for her crops which She gave us. It is a celebration of harvest (similar to American “Thanksgiving”)

The tradition has it that the celebrations started approximately on the first of August and they were held for the whole week. The main feature of the celebrations was a number of thanksgiving ceremonials. Then, there was a big market which attracted masses of people from near and far. It was an occasion to meet your old friends and make new ones.

The Celts basically had to take part in Lughnasad. It was believed that the one celebrating Lughnasad would be able to get enough grains, milk, good crops, fruits and provide domestic bliss.

Moreover, those who miss the ceremony will be chased by bad luck.

The legend has it that Lughnasad holiday was establisged by a god called Lugh to commemorate his late foster mother Taillte, the goddess of fertility, who died of fatigue when fertilizing the Irish lands.

Traditions connected with the ritual:
  • The most important moment of the holiday was ritual of thanksgiving
  • The last sheaf of harvested corn was made into a figure of a woman. If the crops were good, it was in the form of a young woman. If not, the figure was of an old lady. This sheaf was guarded till spring and its seeds were added to new seed stock.
  • The first corn was milled in flour and a cake was made. This cake was blessed by a druid and everyone got a little piece of it.
  • Lughnasad was a time of varied tournaments, poetry competitions, cart chases as well as promoting to new ranks and receiving decorations.
  • People always got married – it was possible to get married on a trial period of one year.
  • Any kind of violence and malice was strictly abolished during the festival.
Festival keltské kultury Lughnasad 2014, 1.- 3. srpna 2014 - Nasavrky
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